Rico Besserdich & OCEANUSIn the age of 10 (that was in 1978) I didn’t know how to swim, I was even terrified of water. But I already had my first camera, a double-eyed mid format „Weltaflex“ (B/W, 12 pics per film) and I developed my shots in my own darkroom. Since then (34 years) I am a passionate photographer. And yes: Finally, in the age of 12, I’ve teached myself how to swim as well…and I am not afraid of water anymore

It was my dream to study photography, but life demanded to earn money for a living (I started to work in the age of 16) so my dream was impossible to realize. What I know about photography, I’ve teached myself, refering to the books of Andreas Feininger.

I have worked in many different kind of jobs and several of them were not so high reputed (bartender, cab driver, slave in a tomato ketchup fabrik). But beside photography, music was always one of my main passions and for almost 10 years in my life I was a professional musician, playing bass guitar & double bass on various stages in my

hometown Hamburg such as in the musical „The Buddy Holly Story“. I beside founded my own IT company and was co-manager of a movie production company. And yes, I was still shooting.

It all changed when I learned to dive during a holiday in Turkey in 1997. I was so keen just to be underwater, I used every free time for diving and skills improvement, quit my musicians career, became certified as scubadiving instructor in 2000 and had spended since then every summer to work as such. In 2006 I left my homecountry and moved to Turkey. Since 2008 I am a Instructor Trainer (CMAS M3) with 3500+ logged dives.

Back to a more „natural“ life it was simply logical to combine my old passion photography with my new passion diving. I started shooting underwater in 2001.

Almost 9 years I was shooting underwater just for my own pleasure Improving skills, knowledge and photo results untill I felt ready to present myself to the „outside“ world. I „popped on surface“ in early 2010 and became surprisingly rewarded with several own exhibitions, magazine interviews, covershots, contest awards, featured in magazines and invitations for speeches at the fine arts faculty of the university.