By promoting interest in health and cultivating sound sports games, OCEANUS encourages people to lead healthy lives. We believe that physical stamina is one measure of a community strength. Through these events we hope to raise money to implement projects aimed at raise awareness about the environment turning our seas into clear blue waters and the world a better place for our children’s children.

Marathon running is an enjoyable sport for many people from all walks of life.
Whatever your motivation and deadline for running a marathon, with the right training plan and a determined attitude, you’ll achieve your goal.

Saoute Mohamed is running in GREECE for OCEANUS follow him and support the Campaign
Runned – DUV Ultra Marathon Statistics

• Spartathlon running 246Km – 25-26 SEPTEMBER 2015
Athens UltraMarathon Festival 24h non-stop Race running 247km – MARCH 2015
(one of the best world performance of the year)
Athens 12h non-stop Race running 137km – 6 DECEMBER 2014
Athens 42Km – 9 NOVEMBER 2014
Antiparos 24Km – 6 SEPTEMBER 2014
Antiparos 10km – 17 JULY 2014
Tinos RUNNING EXPERIENCE 25km – 14 JUNE 2014
Syros Half Marathon 25km – 8th JUNE 2014

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Vasileios Panaritis is running and swimming in GREECE for OCEANUS

• Lamia (night) Run Festival 10km – April 14, 2018
• Spetse Swim Race – May 5, 2017
• Athens Classic Marathon 5km
– November 13, 2016
• Santorini Experience
 10Km – October 8, 2016
• Paros Marathon 10km – August 28, 2016
4th crossing Paroikia Swim Race – August 21, 2016

Francesco Ferrara with “Gymnasium Team” is running in ITALY for OCEANUS

• Napoli Marathon 10km – JUNE 22, 2014